"If the misery of the poor be caused not by the laws of nature, but by our institutions, great is our sin."

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beautiful spirals in nature

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"She had studied the universe all her life, but had overlooked its clearest message: For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love."

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**** GIVEAWAY TIME! ****

Yeahhhhh! I haven’t done a giveaway in a while and to remind you guys just how much I love and appreciate you… that’s what I’m gonna do!

Up for grabs this time is the awesome tee pictured above. (Cat not included.) This is a custom limited edition Wildfang TOMBOY cut-off tee. And by “custom” I mean… I cut off the sleeves. ‘Cause cut-offs rule. This tee is brand new and has never been worn! (I did try it on once to make sure the sleeve holes were even.) The tee is a size medium and has a loose fit.

To enter, you just have to do two simple things:

1) Follow me on Instagram.
2) Reblog this post in its entirety.

Reblogging it multiple times won’t increase your chances, so don’t worry about that. I will randomly select one winner on September 1st. The winner will be contacted through their ask box, so make sure you have yours enabled! I will ship anywhere, but if you’re outside of the U.S. I’d love it if you could pay for shipping. (Or at least half. International shipping can get pricey!)

Love you guys and may the odds be ever in your favor ;)

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"A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes."

Mahatma Gandhi (via purplebuddhaproject)

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Most people give the homeless change or leftovers, Mark Bustos is cutting their hair

For the past few months, New York City hairstylist Mark Bustos — who normally spends his days working at an upscale salon — has been volunteering on his days off to offer haircuts to homeless people he sees on the street. With a simple phrase, “I want to do something nice for you today,” he has been helping people get a fresh, uplifting makeover.

For people who have been trapped in a cycle of poverty, unemployment and homelessness, the makeover can also serve a useful function: looking presentable for a job.

Inspiring thanks he received from one man | Follow micdotcom

I’m doing this

God bless him! and everyone he helps out xoxo!

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